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Welcome to Department of Materials Engineering

       Department of Materials Engineering established in 2001,offerred just an upper two-year (night) undergraduate program. The traditional four-year program began in 2003, and the university was renamed Ming Chi University of Technology in 2004. In the same time, the graduated student program (master degree) began to be offered as part of the Graduate School of Chemical and Materials Engineering. In 2007, the master program of Materials Engineering was officially created.

       We will plan to enrol the international graduated students (master dgree) in 2017. The department currently employs 20 full-time faculty members, all of whom have doctoral degrees.


Educational Goal

      The department provides professional and thorough training in material examination and analysis, material processing, as well as material design to satisfy the demand from industries and enterprise.

      Furthermore, we carrie out applied research in the areas related to thin film/plasma technologies, electric/semiconductor devices, bio-medical/interface materials, and nano/green energy materials.

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Department of Materials Engineering 

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