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How many on-campus TOEIC tests are there every year? We have four TOEIC tests every year.


Is there any subsidy for postgraduate attending academic conferences abroad? The school provides subsidy on the cost of registration and air ticket. Our department provides some perks depending on the country where the conference is held.


What are the mandatory requirements to graduate in a postgraduate degree? You must take at least twenty-seven credits, six of them have to be in compulsory courses and twenty-one credits in elective courses.


How do I apply for a thesis oral defense? Application periods are as follow: 1st semester: 15 NOV – 15 DEC 2nd semester: 1 MAY – 31 MAY And you can download the application form from our website.


Does the graduation requirement on English proficiency apply to international students? Yes, you must get at least 550 in TOEIC test.


What grants are available for international students? The OIA provide grants for non-local students. You can go to the OIA website for detail.


Is there a difference in course requirements between the Fall and Spring enrollment? No, they are the same.
8 Is there a safety training offered in English? Yes, it is held in October every year.


Is there an English version available for user test and instructions of scientific equipment? The English version of manuals are under preparation. The tests are administrated in English.
10 Is there a public kitchen available in the dormitory for international students? Kitchens are located in both the common area and next to the OIA. Users must comply with the conduct.