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Yu-Ching Huang

update date : 2018-01-26

Yu-Ching Huang

Assistant Professor,

Department of Materials Engineering

Ming Chi University of Technology

Research Interest:

Mass-production techniques for organic and perovskite solar cells
Material structure analysis by synchrotron radiation
Printing flexible organic electronics
Dim-light photovoltaics applications


Ph. D., Institute of Materials Science and Engineering, National Taiwan University(2010/06)

Phone: (+886-2)2908-9899 Ext. 4477

Fax: (+886-2)2908-4091

E-mail: huangyc@mail.mcut.edu.tw

Working Experience:

Ming Zhi University of Science and Technology Assistant Professor of Materials Engineering (2018/02)
Deputy Chief Engineer, Nuclear Fuel and Materials Group, Institute of Nuclear Energy (2013/10 ~ 2018/01)
National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Department of Materials Science and Engineering concurrently Assistant Professor (2016/08 ~ 2017/07)
Nuclear Energy Research Institute of solar group associate researcher (2010/11 ~ 2013/10)
University of California, Santa Barbara Material Exchange Researcher (2009/09 ~ 2010/06)


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